Dental Services

Crowns and Bridges


A crown is a kind of covering for an entire tooth. It’s recommended for a tooth that has been broken, cracked, or even just discolored. The crown keeps the damage to the tooth from getting worse, it strengthens the tooth, and it makes the tooth look better and more natural.

The crown can be made of gold or porcelain, although another popular option is the use of porcelain with metal alloy. The porcelain crown looks more natural and pleasing, and it is often used for the more noticeable front teeth. Gold crowns are much more noticeable, so it’s mainly used for the back teeth. The use of the gold crown doesn’t require as much of the tooth to be drilled away, and the dentist usually finds it much easier to use.

Crowns can be used to cover a large filling or to cover a dental implant. It is also used as an anchor point for the bridge, which is why crowns and bridges are terms that are often used together.


A dental bridge replaces a tooth or a row of teeth by attaching the replacement teeth to the adjoining teeth or an implant at the end of the missing teeth. The use of a bridge is an alternative to installing a dental implant or dentures for missing teeth.

Most of the time, the dental bridge is made of porcelain and gold. The quality of the bridge must be maintained, because the ends of this bridge are attached to the adjoining teeth. The teeth anchoring the bridge may shift because of the constant pressure, and this can then lead to gum disease.

A dental bridge is an effective solution for missing teeth, as it can restore your ability to chew your food properly. At the same time, it keeps the adjoining teeth from moving more freely into the empty space left by the missing teeth. The bridge can help restore the quality of your smile, and it can maintain the shape of your face.