Dental Services

Root Canal

This is the term for a treatment meant to save and repair a tooth that has become infected and greatly decayed. It involves the removal of the tooth nerve and pulp inside the center of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned thoroughly before it is sealed to prevent the return of bacteria inside the tooth. The loss of the nerve isn’t really of prime importance for your tooth function. Its main function is simply to tell you if it’s in contact with something hot or cold. The removal of the nerve won’t really have a negative impact in the regular functioning of the tooth. The removal of the pulp is crucial when the pulp or the nerve has been damaged. They break down, and bacteria can then begin to thrive inside the pulp chamber within the tooth. The bacteria and the decay can lead to an abscessed tooth. This means that there’s a pocket filled with pus forming at the ends of the roots of the tooth. The abscess results when the infection has spread past the ends of the root of the tooth. This infection can cause bone loss around the tip of the root. The pus can drain from a hole on the side of the tooth into your gums or even through your cheek. The swelling caused by the infection can even spread to your neck, face, and other parts of your head. Contact us to learn more.