Dental Services

Porcelain Veneers

The veneer is a thin cap made of porcelain that’s attached to the front of the teeth. This attachment can improve the look of the tooth. It can cover up teeth that have been discolored, broken, or grown uneven. Gaps between teeth can be corrected as well.

The use of veneers can truly improve the quality of your smile. In addition, they feel natural as the material is compatible with your gum tissue. Veneers also help improve the function of the teeth. They’re considered perhaps the most natural-looking dental solution of them all, and they’re extremely durable as well.

Putting in a veneer takes only 2 visits. The first visit involves taking an impression of the teeth after minimal removal of tooth structure. Once the veneer has been done, you come in and the veneer is installed.

With proper care, the veneer will last for the rest of your life. They’re extremely long-lasting, and they’re even tougher than bonded fillings in resisting chipping and stains. However, it is recommended that you avoid biting into hard candy and ice, and that you don’t bite your nails either. With the proper oral hygiene at home and regular visits to our office, you can make sure that your veneer won’t need replacement anytime soon.