Dental Services

Implant Restorations

It may not seem like a big deal, but tooth loss is an important issue as far as your health is concerned. Losing a tooth can affect how you chew your food and this in turn affects your overall health. It also changes how you speak, and your appearance and smile may change as well. The neighboring teeth can drift into the empty space so in time they’ll be uneven. All these can reduce your self-confidence.

Of all the possible solutions for restoring lost teeth, dental implant restorations offer the most benefits.

  • It’s a very secure and stable replacement, as the process involves fusing an implant into your jawbone so it’s a permanent replacement that doesn’t need to be removed.
  • The adjacent teeth don’t have to be reduced to enable the installation of the dental implant.
  • It’s a very natural looking replacement.
  • It feels natural as well.

The process of putting in a dental implant is actually simple. The implant is installed through the gum line and into the jawbone. It then functions as the root of the tooth, and it becomes the anchor for the artificial tooth put in at the top of it. It can also anchor a set of dentures or a bridge to hold it in place over the jaw when the procedure is meant to replace several teeth in a row all at once.