Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Dentists aren’t just concerned with the state of your teeth. They also worry about the health of your gums. Gum disease or periodontitis is actually quite common, and according to the CDC about half of the adults over the age of 30 have it. Among senior citizens over 65 years old, the rate jumps to greater than 70%. The condition affects the gums and the bone underneath that keeps your teeth secure in their place. It can’t really be cured, though it can be controlled so that it doesn’t get any worse. The comprehensive exam you get when you first become a patient will generally include a complete checkup of your gums so that any problem can be halted in its tracks. If the exam indicates that you have gum disease, then we have the solutions that can control the progression of the condition. Some of these treatments include root planing and scaling. Other treatments can be more comfortable, and they can include laser dental treatments. The follow-up exam after the treatment can confirm that the condition has been adequately controlled.